Biblical Separation

A True Bible Christian believes the doctrine of Biblical Separation.  Biblical Separation is the clear command by God that Christians remain separate from sin and from those who are intent on practicing sin.

Biblical Separation is a cornerstone of Fundamentalist Baptists and other faithful Christians.  Christians who believe in Biblical Separation must remain true and faithful to God and therefore separate themselves from so-called "Christians" who commit fornication and other sins.  They also must separate themselves from the Great Whore, the Roman Catholic Church, spoken of in Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Biblical Separation is a doctrine very much hated these days by a certain faction of Christendom called "New Evangelicalism".  New Evangelicals teach that it is okay for Christians to wallow in the mire of sin with Satan's pigs.

They say that committing such a sin is okay for them because such sin is covered by by the blood of Jesus.  They also generally claim that it is not possible to win the lost unless they are with the lost and so they commit sin that God's grace might abound.

Fundamentalist Baptists and other good Christians always put Jesus and the Bible first.  They therefore refuse to eat with "Christian fornicators" because the Bible plainly forbids them from doing so. They also "come out from among" the Great Roman Catholic Whore, and have no part with those who join with her in such spiritual fornication.

Biblical Separation is followed by a minority of  Christians today.  Nevertheless, the Bible says that the "broad" way is followed by the crowd and that only a "few" will escape from the way leading to eternal destruction.  Which road will you follow?  Will you obey Christ?  Will you trust Him and be saved?  Will you instead return down the broad road heading toward destruction?

Obey Jesus and get saved.  Obey Jesus and practice Biblical Separation.  Become a serious Christian and get into a good, Bible-believing Fundamentalist Baptist church.  Do it this week, and may God bless you as you do it!



Biblical Separation